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Current wait time to see Dr. Wood for Out-Patient Appointments is approximately Knee Replacement = 5 months Hip Replacement = 6 months Hip Arthroscopy = 5 months

Current wait time to see Dr. Wood for Surgery is approximately Knee Replacement = 5 months Hip Replacement = 6 months Hip Arthroscopy = 9 months

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Outpatient Visits

Out-patient clinic is located on Johnson 7 at Hotel Dieu Hospital, Kingston.

Tel: 1.613.548.2342

Toll Free: 1.855.851.3490

Muti-level covered Parking is available across the street from the hospital and there is a drop off bay at the main entrance.

Take the elevator at the main entrance to level 7 (top floor) where the Registration desk can be found. We have an automated patient self check-in area but personnel are available to aid patients. Be sure to register so we know you have arrived. A waiting area is available until you are called over the PA system to the room.

Be sure to bring a list of all your medications, Ontario Health card and any imaging you may have or been asked to provide. Wear loose clothing or bring shorts to change into to make examination easier and more comfortable for you.

You may be required to have X-rays taken prior to being seen, this department is available at the same location and you will be directed by staff.

Dr. Wood works at a teaching hospital and is responsible for the education and training of our future orthopaedic surgeons. It is likely you will also be seen by medical students called “Clerks” or junior surgeons in training called “Residents”. A senior trainee surgeon doing a specialist year of surgery with Dr. Wood is already qualified and may be referred to as a “Fellow”.


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Prior to Your Surgery

Once you have been listed for surgery your details are placed on an electronic wait list by Dr. Wood.

Closer to the date of your operation, you will be contacted by Dr. Wood’s office with a proposed date for surgery. If this date is suitable, your date will be scheduled. We are able to accommodate patients’ schedules and do our best to find a date that suits. Communication at this time is essential. Once the date has been fixed it is difficult to reschedule.

The call from Dr. Wood’s office will instruct you to contact your family doctor to arrange an up to date physical and history.

You will then receive a call from our pre-operative assessment team or be asked to attend the Pre-surgical Screening Unit on Brock 1 at Hotel Dieu Hospital (HDH).

Tel: 1.613.544.3310

Toll Free: 1.855.544.3400

Please download the Pre-Surgical Screening Instructions. All joint replacement patients will be expected to do this. It entails a detailed evaluation and education session on your up and coming surgery and organization of your rehabilitation and discharge plan.

If your surgery is being done at Hotel Dieu Hosptial you will receive a phone call between 2-5pm on the Friday before your surgery. The final instructions of when to arrive and fasting instructions will be reminded to you. If your surgery is being done at Kingston General Hospital you will be called the night before.

Important: don’t eat after midnight before your surgery. You may drink water only up until the morning of surgery.

On the day of surgery at Kingston General Hospital, report to Same Day Admission Centre on the 2nd Floor. For surgery at Hotel Dieu Hospital, report to The Day Surgery Unit on the 2nd Floor.

More details of what to do before and after surgery can be downloaded and printed for your convenience:

Video: Pre-habilitaion exercises and getting in shape for surgery.

Pre-Op Check List:

  • Health Card
  • Private insurance cards
  • All medications in their original containers
  • Hearing aids
  • Dentures and containers
  • house coat, slippers, loose clothing, toiletries (if staying over)
  • DO NOT bring valuables, remove all jewellery
  • DO NOT bring aids unless instructed to do so

Pre-Operative Checklist

Patient walking with walking aid after surgery.

After Your Surgery

If you are having day surgery, you will be discharged home with a script for pain medication, instructions on dressing changes, wound care and follow up appointments including physiotherapy recommendations. Patients requiring a hospital stay will be cared for daily by nurses, physio therapists and doctors including an acute pain management service. Prior to discharge patients will be seen by Occupational therapy, Social work and home care as needed.

Patients are expected to be discharged home after 2 or 3 days following routine surgery. Make sure you have a discharge plan in place before surgery to help with home support after discharge from Hospital.

On discharge your nurse will go over your instructions, medications, follow up arrangements and any concerns.

Patients should be able to walk by themselves, toilet and dress using aids, manage stairs, transfer safely around the home and in and out of vehicles. Please note after joint replacement surgery you are not allowed to drive for 6 weeks.

For more helpful information to further assist you after your surgery, please view this summary of Post-Operative concerns.

Post-Op Checklist

  • Discharge prescription
  • Letter Family Physician
  • Anticoagulation protocol
  • Scheduled follow-up appointment
  • Joint certificate (if applicable)
  • Aids
  • Instructions on pain management
  • Identifying wound or other complications
  • Discharge pamphlet

Discharge Checklist

Image of man walking with a cane.

Patient Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation protocols are available for total hip and knee replacement and hip arthroscopy patients.

Details of Total hip and knee replacement rehabilitation are also found in the information booklet for that surgery. Most physio practices in the Kingston area should be aware of Dr. Wood and his protocols but can be directed to this site for updates.

Patients having primary joint replacement will be expected to be full weight bearing from day 1 and, at follow-up 6 weeks after surgery, should be walking unaided and comfortable making progress with rehabilitation. After 6 weeks patients will be progressed to driving, swimming, cycling and more intense activities with a view to be near full activity and back to work or similar by 12 weeks. Certain restrictions do apply dependent on what type of surgery was undertaken and more details will be provided at your follow-up visit and on an individual basis.

Those patients having Hip Arthroscopy will have an individualized rehab protocol. View Dr. Wood’s Hip Arthroscopy rehabilitation protocol. Most patients, however , will be full weight bearing and walking independently with a scheduled follow-up at 4 weeks for further instruction and assessment.

Be aware that there are recommendations with regards to travel, dental work and other cautions following surgery. These can be found under Patient Info, in the downloadable booklet and specific questions and answers can be found in our FAQ section.

Please be advised if you have any concerns in the recovery period and particularly wound issues DO NOT HESITATE to call Dr. Wood’s office or have your doctor call him. It is critical problems are detected early and dealt with by Dr. Wood.

If you have a joint replacement you must not take antibiotics for a wound complication unless directed by Dr. Wood.

Download rehabilitation protocol details for the following surgeries: