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Whether it be hip or knee pain requiring replacement or joint preserving surgery, new patient referrals and returning patients are welcomed.

Image of Dr. referring a patient to Dr. Wood.

Referring Patients

Dr Wood aspires to see and treat patients in a timely fashion. That patients are dealt with in a courteous and professional manner where patients are given the time to relay their issues and musculoskeletal problems. With a reputation as an approachable surgeon and good bedside manner, patients should feel comfortable and at ease during their consultation.

Dr Wood works in a teaching hospital with medical students and orthopaedic surgeons in training and whilst patients will often encounter this, Dr Wood oversees and discusses every patient’s case and formulates a plan for ongoing care and relates back to the referring physician.

In order to best deal with a patient referral, so that the patient is seen in a timely and appropriate manner, I urge the referring physician to supply specific information to aid appropriate triage of patients with the resources available.

All referrals now must go through our central intake assessment and be triaged even those I receive by fax , email or through this site. You can still request me by name but your referral must first pass through this new provincial OHIP portal. I believe this new initiative will help alleviate wait times to be seen for an appointment.

Refer a Patient Today

How Long Before Patients Can See Dr. Wood?

The burden on the Canadian Healthcare system is similar to other national healthcare systems worldwide. Demand is great and resources at a premium. We make every attempt to monitor and keep wait times to a minimum. Wait times can vary and updates on current wait times to see Dr Wood and time to surgery will be made available. Ensuring detailed referrals and appropriate imaging are available can minimize these times.

Please consider our guidance before referral and refer your patient today. We may suggest or request assistance from the referring physician before the patient is seen to ensure they can get in as soon as possible. In order to facilitate patient treatment, Dr Wood has a triage system in place to streamline referrals and wait times and patients may be asked to see members of Dr Wood’s team prior. We are sorry if this causes any inconvenience but our aim is to provide timely quality service for our patients.

Current wait time to see Dr. Wood for Out-Patient Appointments is approximately Knee Replacement = 10 months; Hip Replacement = 10 months; Hip Arthroscopy = 6 months

Current wait time for surgery is approximately Knee Replacement = 10 months; Hip Replacement = 12 months; Hip Arthroscopy = 9 months

Refer Your Patients to Dr. Wood

Patient Information
  • Patient Date of Birth

Referring Physician Information
Further Referral Information
  • Previously seen patient?

  • Joint Affected:

  • Does Patient Use Any Transportation Aids? (e.g. cane, walker, wheelchair)

  • Is Patient Using Pain Medication?

  • Investigations/Examinations Completed

  • Patient Exam Reports will Accompany Referral Fax

  • Have you asked the patient if condition warrants surgery?

  • Would the patient have surgery?

  • Family Physician's & Patient's Primary Objective