Image of Dr. Gavin Wood in an operating room.

What we do

Dr Wood is an Orthopaedic surgeon in Kingston, Ontario specializing in lower limb joint replacement, revision arthroplasty, and joint preserving surgery. Our team assesses and treats musculoskeletal conditions of the hip and knee.

Dr. Wood performs partial hip and knee replacement including uni-compartmental knee and patello-femoral replacement, total hip replacement, hip resurfacing and revision total hip and knee replacement surgery. He also specializes in complex primary hip complaints in young adults with Avascular Necrosis (AVN), Femoral Acetabular Impingement (FAI), Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip(DDH) and other such conditions such as Perthes’ disease with expertise in joint preserving surgery involving surgical dislocation of the hip, osteotomy and hip arthroscopy.

Our Services

Who we help

Dr. Wood cares primarily for patients with arthritic conditions of the hip and knee including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, post traumatic arthritis and other destructive joint pathologies. Patients can vary in age depending on the underlying cause but his patients range from 20-90+ years of age.

Patients requiring hip arthroscopy are younger patients in whom arthritis is not yet established and have other hip pain complaints such as FAI, labral tears, internal and external snapping hip with Ilio-tibial band and peri-trochanteric pain disorders.

Our Patients

Our Expertise

Dr. Wood has an unrestricted licence to practice in Canada. He is fully trained in Canada and the United Kingdom, and is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada and Edinburgh.

Having graduated from medical school in Aberdeen Scotland he has trained extensively on both sides of the Atlantic and has been in position at Queens University, Kingston General Hospital and Hotel Dieu Hospital since 2008.

Patients benefit from the experience Dr. Wood has gained from training across continents in various institutions and the breadth of practice he has observed and learned in that process.

Dr. Wood is recognised both nationally and internationally in his field. He is an educator of our future surgeons and participates as a faculty member at conferences for the enhancement of the practices of other surgeons and nurses.

About Dr. Wood

Referring Patients- New Standardized Process May 2017

The Province of Ontario is introducing a Central Intake Referral process in attempts to reduce the wait time for treatment and time to see a surgeon. I think this is a step in the right direction for healthcare in the province. This is compulsory and all requests for orthopaedic service must go through this route. Patients still have the option for  their surgeon of choice or will be allocated one. The updated wait time of either will be communicated to you and the choice is yours. The soonest appointment may be at an alternate hospital with an alternate surgeon.Refer a Patient page.

Patients can expect to be seen and assessed while being given the time to ask questions and participate in their healthcare. Dr. Wood places importance on the traditional Doctor-Patient relationship and has a reputation for a “good bedside manner”.

Wait times to be seen in clinic or for surgery can be found on our Refer a Patient page. These approximate times can aid you in your referral. We encourage you to use the referral form and complete all fields. This aids establishing a patient’s particular need and therefore can assist us in triaging the patient appropriately and reducing the wait times.

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