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Our patients are our business, current and future, but unlike most businesses we are a profession, and returning our patients’ quality of life and mobility through our surgery and services is our goal. Our reward is your satisfaction.

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Getting Our Patients Back on Their Feet

Patients are seen and assessed identifying their needs and concerns and together we form a plan of treatment and care through informed choices. Patients are helped with their ailments using operative and non-operative means with access to many associated healthcare team providers. Patients requiring surgery are guided through the process from consultation through surgery into rehabilitation and beyond.

We appreciate feedback on our performance through every step to advance and develop our practice as healthcare provision moves forward to meet the demands and quality patients expect.

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Who we help

Primarily our services are aimed at patients with hip and knee pain of an arthritic nature. Dr Wood is an Orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in lower limb joint replacement and complex reconstruction surgery involving revision arthroplasty. Dr. Wood is experienced in performing the following types of surgeries:

Dr. wood also specializes in complex primary hip complaints in young adults with Avascular necrosis, Femoral Acetabular Impingement (FAI), Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip and other such conditions, such as Perthes disease with expertise in the following joint preserving surgeries:

Laterally patients requiring hip arthroscopy are younger patients in whom arthritis is not yet established and have other hip pain complaints such as FAI, Labral tears, Internal and External snapping hip with Ilio-tibial Band and Peri-trochanteric pain disorders.

Referring Patients to Our Office

Referring a patient could not be easier. This can be done by letter, fax, email or through our online referral form. Patients must be referred by another healthcare provider, we do not accept self referrals from patients. Patients must hold current OHIP or other Canadian healthcare insurance (e.g. other provinces, Canadian military or Canadian correctional services).

Guidance on what makes a good referral and how this benefits the patient in terms of wait are explained on our referral page. Our approximate wait times are updated monthly.

Patient education materials are also available through this site to inform individuals on their condition, management options and results. Dr Wood believes that through shared information and education, patient care can be the managed by the patient, their doctor and guided by Dr. Wood and his musculoskeletal team.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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